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   Cutting tools

Experts in manufacturing drills, taps and specialty cutting tools for Orthopedics


Intech proficiency and adeptness in crafting cutting tools, combined with a profound grasp of market demands, position us uniquely to fulfill rigorous manufacturing standards.

Our dedication to Spine, Trauma, Extremities and Sports Medicine for more than 20 years has led us into becoming experts in cutting flutes and the manufacturing of reusable and single-use drills, tabs and specialty cutting instruments, such as reamers, as well as wires, pins and screws, giving you quite literally, a competitive edge!


Design-to-Manufacturing at its finest


At Intech, our expertise extends beyond production, offering crucial insights during the preliminary design and technical development stages. Our experts in precision grinders will provide valuable guidance from design to manufacturing ensuring perfect your cutting tool's geometry and tolerances for greater accuracy. From swiss turning to precision grinding, we leverage advanced machining techniques and best-in-class equipment that are automated and scalable for performance and efficiency. 

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Surgical Burrs

twist drill

Twist Drills



Cannulated Tap

Cannulated Taps

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K-wires & Pins



Cannulated Cutting Tools


With the advancements of robotics and navigated surgery, the precision of surgical tools and instruments is paramount. Such procedures often call for the creation of holes that must be not only straight and deep but also exceedingly accurate. This level of precision is a challenge that only the most proficient manufacturers in the industry can meet.

By incorporating cutting-edge technologies in gun drilling and cannulation, we set ourselves apart. Our expertise enables us to meticulously produce holes that can be perfectly concentric or intentionally off-center, based on the surgical requirement. Furthermore, we achieve the highest possible diameter-to-depth ratios, a critical factor for the effectiveness and reliability of these surgical tools.

This meticulous attention to detail ensures that surgeons are equipped with instruments that meet the stringent demands of orthopedic and spine surgeries, ultimately contributing to improved surgical outcomes and patient care.

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