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Bring your project(s) to life!
As innovative explorers devoted to life, we assist our clients by providing them with a complete R&D offering from design to market introduction. 
 Whether you're a small player with a groundbreaking concept or a leading medical device company lacking internal resources to  launch a new system or revamp your surgical technique, we have the expertise and resources to bring your vision to life.
See for yourself!
Bring your project to life
  • A contract-design package scaled to your scope of work.


Simple customization of an Intech catalog device (instrument, handle or tray) to ensure optimal fit and function with a personal touch! 


  • Design Input/Output
  • Customization
  • Top Level Drawing + 3D Model
  • (next step) Launch

NRE fee

When you need assistance designing an instrument from scratch or more complex spin-off from an existing Intech catalog device.


  • Dedicated R&D Engineer
  • Design iterations
  • Drawing + 3D Model
  • DFM with Manufacturing Engineer
  • (optional) Additional Testing
  • (optional) DHF / Technical File
  • (next step) Launch

OEM fee

Our signature package for Private-Label or OEM turnkey solutions that ranges from design concept to prototyping and manufacturing with regulatory registrations.
Get started
  • Dedicated Project Team to support you from concept to launch
  • Design iterations
  • DHF / Technical File
  • Testing & Cadaver Lab support
  • V&V activities
  • Regulatory registration
  • Distribution agreement
  • (optional) CE mark
  • (next step) Launch
  • Evaluation Lab support
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Customization
  • Testing
  • Distribution agreement
  • V&V
  • Regulatory registration

Customize your Medical Device: