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We tailor your cases to your exact needs. Weight, size, arrangement, type of surgery, we take it all into consideration to guarantee instrument retention & identification as well as their safe transportation and sterilization.

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Our difference is in the details

The smallest of details have the largest of impacts. Which is why we go to great length to perfect your cases & trays by taking into consideration your additional requirements:


We design ultra-modular solutions, 3-1 products that fit your product lifecycle.

Perforation & strength

Ultra-perforation techniques allow for lighter trays & easier sterilization. Carefully design ribs deliver that additional strength.


From customized corners to adapted feet for enhanced stacking and stability, our cases & trays are truly tailored to your day-to-day needs.

Instrument identification

Our laser engraving and silk-screening techniques enable easy identification of your instruments and implants, inside the tray or out

Your product. Your look.

Your brand is your identity. We get that! Which is why we offer advanced customization solutions. Punching, embossing, silk screening, color anodised aluminium or even laser marking or cutting.

It’s time to get creative!

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Metal? Polymer? Or both!To each material its advantages.

Our metal trays & cases offer:

High resistance to aggressive cleaning products, easy cleaning and corrosion resistance

Optimized airflow with a high perforation capacity (up to 30% of the surface)

Multi-dimensional solutions, no mold required and compatible with usual sterilization containers

Standard DIN size: compatible with usual sterilization container systems

Finishing: brushed or polished, lasermarked, embossed or punched

Our polymer trays & cases offer:

Perfect stability of small implants and instruments

Optimal weight

Optimal ergonomics

Cost efficiency

Excellent personalization through laser marking or silk-screening

Wide choice of colors

Finally, our unique experience in combining metals and polymers enables us to offer hybrid trays & cases that provide the greatest resistance to harsh chemical decontamination with all the customization you require.

It’s time to get creative!

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