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A firm grip on innovation

Comfort. Aesthetics. Precision. Customization.

Our range of high-tech ergonomic handles are designed to deliver the most seamless surgical experiences. Discover all our state-of-the-art handles… and customize them with your very own branding! Logo, color codes, textures, it's all in your hands.

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Stealth ries – Premier Two-Tone Handles

  • All handles can be molded to match any custom pantone (PMS) color
  • Add your corporate logo into any of our handles
  • Add your custom textures to most of our handles

Comfort Grip® Series

  • Available in various sizes & lengths, with or without impactor caps
  • Compatible with ratcheting and torque limiting mechanisms
  • Optional cannulation/impact caps
  • Cytotoxicity, Class VI Biocompatibility validations on hand
  • Incorporated custom colors and branding

The World’s Most Precise Ratchet

  • Ergonomically superior grip
  • True zero-play adapters
  • Positive locking cap feature
  • Various adapter styles available

2-in-1 Torque Limiting & Ratcheting

  • The world’s most precise ratcheting mechanism combined with torque limiting capabilities, an industry first
  • Prevents potential over-tightening
  • Reduces space required in instrument trays and reduces overall weight concerns in sets
  • Reduces surgeon fatigue by combining the unique 2-in-1 mechanism
Comfort Grip® Series
Stealth Handles
Torque Limiting Devices
Torque Limiting & Ratcheting

Adapter & Shafts for a perfect fit

We can adapt your handle's interface to fit your every need, as customized as they may be.