3D Printing for
 Medical Devices is here!


3D Printing for
 Medical Devices is here!

Why 3D Printing?

Reduced Assembly Time

Highly efficient while producing minimal waste (vs. traditional subtractive manufacturing which can result in up to 90% waste).

Fast Turnaround

Create new 'impossible' geometries, complex features and fine details. Rapidly turn your concepts into reality.

Reliable Quality

Design up to 60% lighter products while improving performance &  maintaining strength in ISO 13485 setting.

Focused on Healthcare

Dedicated to Medical Devices (Orthopedics, Craniomaxillofacial, Cardiology etc.) and Patient Specific Implants.

Scaling Additive Manufacturing

State-of-the-Art 3D-printers dedicated to Medical Devices in an ATEX controlled environment.

Dmp Flex 350
Dmp Flex 350


Our Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) cell leverages Renishaw's RenAM 500Q technology. Scale from lab to volume production with one of the industry's most versatile additive manufacturing machine.

Configurable with one (500S) or four (500Q) high-power 500W lasers, and automatic or flexible (Flex) powder and waste handling, utilize the same industry leading gas flow system, safety and precision digital optics from material proof of concept all the way to volume production.






Our DMLS cell also includes 3D Systems' DMP Flex 350 which offers a flexible platform that can be interchangeably used for prototyping, process development and is yet easily scalable for volume part production. Quick swap build modules and fast powder recycling speed up production. A central server manages print jobs, materials, settings, and maintenance for 24/7 productivity.

Leverage 3DXpert's additive manufacturing tool to prepare and optimize part data quickly, enabling rapid design for metal additive manufacturing to shorten production time and increase part precision.

How To Get Started

5 steps to launch your Medical Device

Step 1

Upload your files (*.step *.slt & *.pdf)
Don't have a file?
We can help here.

Step 2

Select material & finish
for your Medical Device

Step 3

Fine-tune design
DFM to optimize functionality &cost

Step 4

Review Quote 
and approve lead-time

Step 5

Print your devices
one layer at a time

Get Started

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