6 Reasons to Partner Up with In’Tech Medical

In’Tech Medical, your one-stop-shop for surgical instruments and implants.

Learn how In’Tech Medical is tailored for your operations with manufacturing facilities around the globe, and vertically integrated technology, savoir-faire and capabilities.

Unique Expertise in Orthopedic Manufacturing

As a leading global contract-manufacturer, In’Tech Medical has developed unmatched experience and exclusive knowledge of design and manufacturing constraints for the orthopedic industry.
This expertise evolves continuously and features in-depth collaboration with Spine, Recon and Trauma surgeons and OEMs.

Mastery of advanced materials

Our engineers have a thorough knowledge of the metal, alloys and polymer manufacturing techniques required to meet the orthopedic industry’s specific needs.
When contract-manufacturing with In’Tech Medical, you are putting your designs in expert hands and you may rely on constructive feedback before and after delivery.

Professional Surgical Tools
with an Innovative Design

The In’Tech Medical brand surgical tools and instruments are forged and finished with surgical-grade steel in our ISO9001 facilities, providing exceptional quality. Our selection of fine surgical instruments includes a wide variety of Benders , Compressors, Cutters, Distractors, retractors, and Grippers.

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