Modular Retractor System

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The handheld instrument features three self-retaining blades which can independently retract and tilt providing the surgeons with controlled adjustment of access area and blade angle. Blades are top and bottom loading allowing surgeons to switch blades on the spot without needing to start  over.

Surgical access is illuminated thanks to reusable fiberoptic light or disposable lightmats which slide down the blades increasing visibility within the surgical channel.

Also, its radiolucent materials (aluminum body, titanium blades) gives the surgeon a full view of anatomy (via X-Ray shots) guaranteeing correct positioning of instrument. Once in place, retractor can be anchored by driving a disk shim or bone pin down a blade to prevent retractor migration.

Initially developed for spine surgery LLIF procedures (Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion), the customizable instrument tray offers optional shorter blades for posterior PLIF or TLIF approaches providing hospitals and distributors with a versatile, universal system.

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