Coronal benders

The pair of in-situ coronal benders allows a final bend correction within the wound. SKU# S01 ITM 138

French rod bender

The instrument comprises of rotary cams bends all your rods in a lumbar application. SKU# S01 ITM 005

Sagittal Benders

The pair of in-situ sagittal benders allows a final correction within the wound. SKU# S01 ITM 006

Powerful plate benders

The sturdy instrument allows you to accurately bend your plates to prevent from crushing teeth and cams SKU# S01 ITM 164

Cervical Plate Bender

This plate bender can either form or counter-form your plates thanks to his mirror geometry SKU# S01 ITM 020

Lumbar Angled Driver

The revolutionary low profile angled driver allows a use in the most confined spaces. Its tip-interchangeability is a real plus for multi-tasks application!


Premium Hinged Compressor

This scissor style compressor has a large opening range perfect for one-level spinal fusion.

Cervical rod bender

Compress the handles to easily bend your cervical rods SKU# S01 ITM 054