More than just manufacturers

At Intech, our A-Z approach gives us our edge. Our understanding of the orthopedics industry as a whole together with our ability to anticipate & integrate the specific steps – and regulatory tasks – associated with the design & manufacture of orthopedic surgical devices enable us to answer your every need, from concept development all the way to doorstep-delivery.

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Our R&D services allow medical device companies to rapidly and cost-effectively develop complex instruments.


Our expertise in machining and manufacturing means we optimize processes & cycle-times and mitigate unforeseen events.


With a facilities worldwide & years of experience, we have the strikeforce to scale up & assist you from prototyping to full-blown production.


Our facilities are vertically integrated with in-house welding (TIG and laser), laser marking and cleaning / passivation allowing us to offer a wide variety of product finishes.

We open doorsto the impossible

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