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Hook Pusher

SKU# S09 ITM 153

Rod Pusher

SKU# S08 ITM 102

Phantom Rod

SKU# S02 ITM 147-XXX

Rod Holder

Thanks to his proximal ratchet this low profile rod holder has a very strong grip with the rod SKU# S08 ITM 016-XX

Rod Holder Forceps

SKU# S08 ITM 002

Power Grip Holder

This holder is your best friend when a terrific grip is needed SKU# G08 ITM 077

Rod Gripper

SKU# S08 ITM 001

Multi-function Forceps

The Multi-function forceps is made to grasp whatever the support and remains essential in surgeon's toolbox SKU# G08 ITM 083

Lumbar Persuader

This gun style persuader has been designed for a Lumbar application SKU# S07 ITM 093

Compact Persuader

This gun style persuader has been designed for cervical application and is low-profile for optimal site SKU# S07 ITM 172

Axial Persuader

Squeeze the handle and get an incredible amount of power to reduce your rods with this axial persuader SKU# S07 ITM 218


The rocker persuader is your perfect instrument when small rod reduction is needed SKU# S07 ITM 071

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