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Rod Gripper

SKU# S08 ITM 001

Rod Holder

Thanks to his proximal ratchet this low profile rod holder has a very strong grip with the rod SKU# S08 ITM 016-XX

Rod Holder Forceps

SKU# S08 ITM 002

Rod Pusher

SKU# S08 ITM 102

Rotary caliper

Can be customized shape to fit with your system. Color or graduated scale. The colorful caliper will help you to pick the right size of implant with an intuitive read SKU# G02 ITM 076

Sagittal benders

The pair of in-situ sagittal benders allows a final correction within the wound. SKU# S01 ITM 006


For your convenience get your whole set of scrapers contract designed and manufactured by In'tech Medical SKU# S09 ITM 131

Screw to Screw Compressor Distractor

Similar to a “swiss army knife”, this instrument allows you to compress, free translate, lock or distract in-situ ! SKU# G03 ITM 226

Screw to Screw Distractor

The swiveled arms helps fit the tulip's head whatever the orientation of this latter SKU #G03 ITM 060

Screwdriver (Hex)

SKU# G11 ITM 111-XX

Screwdriver (Torx)

Every system requires the use of specific Torx drivers, In'tech is your contract designer whatever your requirements SKU# G11 ITM 110-XX

Screwdriver Shaft (Hex)

Provide us with your handle connection and we design your own driver shaft with the distal Hex that you need SKU# G11 ITM 329-XX

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