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                         The results are in!

This Friday, November 25 10:19:16UTC Axel Tréhin on Project Rescue Ocean crossed the finish line in Pointe-à-Pitre in tenth position in Class40 on the 12th Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe . His race time is 16 days 09 hours 01 minutes 16 seconds.


"It's nice to see people here, this was quite exceptional, so I don't know if I'll have the chance to relive it. It's a childhood dream come true, one hell of an adventure. We spent some time preparing to go racing. Every day we face things that were not planned for so we have to adapt. Sometimes it's small details, sometimes it's big details. I'm here thanks to a great team and Mathieu Perraut, (Inter Invest, who gave him his mast in Punta Delgada NDRL). In Class40, we feel like family: when one of us is in trouble and another can help him, he does, the question does not arise. What happened in the Azores was brilliant, super beautiful.”

- Axel Trehin


And the winners are... 🏆

1st prize

How fast will Axel complete the Route du Rhum 2022?

16 days, 9 hours, 1 minute and 16 seconds

  • Win a trip to Guadeloupe for 2 people for the departure of the Defi Atlantique (April 2023)

    🏆 Congratulations to Cristina Ortega (KEN)

2nd prize

How many nautical miles will Axel travel during the whole race?

4,291.4 nautical miles

  • intechAthens: win a visit of the Kenosha site and the Chicago's Architecture Tour or Chicago’s aquarium

    🏆 Congratulations to Jesse Birtch and Lindsey Hughes


  • intechKenosha: win a visit of the Athens site and visit the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville

    🏆Congratulations to Dawn Clark and Thibaut Guffroy


  • intechPenang: Win a diving excursion in Perhentian

    🏆Congratulations to Chia Yuen Loo and Tan Chong Ghee

3rd prize

What will be Axel's record speed in the race?

25,72 knots

  • Win a gift basket from Guadeloupe
  • 🏆 Congratulations to Kirsten Sipek (KEN), Drew Bates (ATH) and Zafrin Zairi Bin Abd Sani (PNG)

4th prize

How many nautical miles will Axel travel within the first 48 hours?

456 nautical miles

  • Win some Intech x Route du Rhum merch

  • 🏆 Congratulations to Kirsten Sipek and Thibaut Guffroy (KEN)

    Jesse Birtch, Cathy Pirtle and Jamario Tripp (ATH)

    Chia Yuen Loo and Ong Joanne Joo Ying (PNG)

    Romain Ibled (MEM)

Challenge rules

  • Responses to be submitted by 11:45pm CST each Saturday

  • 1 entry per participant (first entry will be retained if multiple entries are logged)

  • Winners should be employed at time of the trip (If not, then prize will be awarded to next in line, and so on).

Week 1: 20 winners in total (across ALL facilities US/FR/MY). Win Intech goodies ! We will select candidates who enter the closest answer from the questions. If more people find the correct answer, people who submitted the form first will be selected. There won’t be any additional prizes.

Week 2: 🌟 Bonus question 🌟: 2 winners in US, 1 winner in Penang and 2 winners in France. Participants who give the best predictions win. In case of a tie, the one who answered first wins.

Week 3: 1 big winner for a trip to Guadeloupe. Winner will be selected on the closest response to the question. The answer must be put IN THE RIGHT FORMAT. If there are multiple good answer, the first one to submit the form wins. There won’t be any additional prizes.

In case of abandonment a new challenge will be released.

Week 4: 4 winners in the USA, 2 winners in Penang and 5 winners in France. Prizes are for 2 people and for a maximum stay of 3 days. Winners will be selected on the closest response to the question. There will be an additional question to adjudicate between multiple winners. If there are still multiple good answers, , the first one to submit the form wins.

🍀All winners will be announced as the race is completed. Good luck 🍀

For additional questions, please contact