In’Tech Medical Launches Wayvio, a New Intelligent Solution to Enhance the Reliability of Surgical Instruments and Streamline Medical Device Logistics

In’Tech Medical SAS (, a leading contract manufacturer of medical devices in orthopedics, announced today the launch of Wayvio, a technological platform that turns virtually any medical device into a self-monitoring smart tool.

This innovative product provides real-time data on the movement of medical devices and trays enabling efficient, automated supply chain and logistics operations. Relying on various sensors and RFID technology, Wayvio’s vision is to instill digital life to all medical devices. From the board room to the operating room, Wayvio helps you keep your supply chain optimized, drive down cost and ultimately improve patient outcome by providing engineering team with dependable field data, such as sterilization or torque-click counts, for informed decision-making throughout a medical device’s lifecycle.

“Wayvio innovation emphasizes that our company is determined to continuously extend its range of services. As a strategic player in contract-manufacturing it is a natural evolution for In’Tech Medical to create innovative and transformative services for every level of the healthcare industry. We believe that Wayvio smart device technology addresses a critical market need, as it increases efficiency, reduces costs across the supply chain and allows uncompromised traceability from manufacturer to point of care,” says Laurent Pruvost, President & CEO of In'Tech Medical.

Healthcare players globally are facing increasing pressure on their cost structure. To stay competitive in today’s environment, medical device providers must gain real-time & accurate insight into their consigned inventory & how it is being used.

“Today’s healthcare players want safety, efficiency and instant traceability,” says Xavier Leroy, COO of In’Tech Medical. “Software, content and data intelligence have become just as important as the devices they control in creating a real-time connected experience. By facilitating transparency, our technology decreases the collateral risks associated with any surgery. Our solution requires very limited human intervention and is simple to use. Customize your dashboard to monitor key performance indicators and accessible in real-time through an intuitive online application.”

Stop by booth #1434 to experience Wayvio at NASS 2018 (ie. North American Spine Society - September 26-29) or learn more at

About In’Tech Medical
Founded in 2000, In’Tech Medical is an industry-leading contract manufacturer of state-of-the-art orthopedic implants and surgical instruments. With manufacturing facilities in US, Europe and Asia, In’Tech Medical is the world’s largest provider of surgical instruments in the spine industry. The group provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions across the lifecycle of orthopedic implants and instruments.


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