Intech unveils a game-changing private-labelled Modular Retractor System

The innovative FDA and EU MDR-cleared system sets a new standard for versatile and minimally invasive access to the spine.

Procedure Trends to Watch in Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

The need for hip and knee replacements continues to be in high demand, with a total of 2.5 million surgeries performed up until 2021. As the field is constantly evolving, new trends in surgical techniques, technologies, and procedures are emerging.

Supply Chain Issues in Orthopedics: Partnering for Faster Time-to-Market

The orthopedics industry is facing significant challenges in the supply chain, leading to delays in product development and market introduction. To overcome these obstacles, it's essential to find the right partner who can support and streamline the entire process.

Elevating your assets to smart devices: Intech unveils new collaboration with SMADE at the NASS 2022 annual meeting in Chicago

By turning surgical instruments and trays into smart assets that collect and return key field data, Intech x SMADE collaboration allows Intech's customers to see in real time where, when and how their devices are being used and moved.

Intech reports record revenues in 2021 and expansion plans for 2022

Over the last year Intech Group has reached many milestones in its continued expansion of services and partnerships.

Your one-stop-shop manufacturing premium quality devices for the orthopedics industry
Your one-stop-shop manufacturing premium quality devices for the orthopedics industry

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