Spine Timeline: Companies Founding and Revenue

Spine is an active market for new companies and acquisitions. We wanted to look at the history of the 10 largest #orthopedic companies that primarily derive their revenue from spine.

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Intech Reveals its Strategic Alliance with Montagu

Strategy revealed with Intech

New partnership with Montagu to expand Intech services and accelerate time-to-market.

Intech, the market leader in contract manufacturing of orthopedic medical devices, today announces the closing with Montagu, a private equity firm specializing in partnering with businesses that make the world work. This new partnership will further enhance the momentum that Intech has generated in the past decade, to reinforce their position as a world leader in orthopedics.

The orthopedics industry is seeing a growing demand for product innovation and efficient supply chain management, which has been only amplified in the current economical context. The combination of Montagu’s extensive experience in the healthcare and technology space, with Intech’s unmatched expertise at manufacturing medical devices aims to alleviate these challenges by expanding capacity, optimizing workflows, and pursuing strategic growth opportunities.

Solving the Most Complex Engineering Challenges in the Orthopedics Industry

The new partnership was finalized after negotiations between Management, Eurazeo and Montagu. The Montagu team is excited to partner with Intech to achieve its mission of solving the most complex engineering challenges in the orthopedics industry, while positively impacting lives.

“I believe given Montagu’s expertise in healthcare and track-record in backing companies with similar business models to ours, makes them an ideal partner for Intech. They will give us the tools to help our customers reduce manufacturing costs and time-to-market. Most importantly, they also share our passion for innovation and enhancing peoples’ lives.“ – Laurent Pruvost, President & CEO of Intech

For more than 20 years, Intech has been leading the way in the manufacturing of orthopedic instruments and implants, cases and trays, and silicone handles. With unique manufacturing capabilities and a strong international presence, Intech is determined to reach new heights in the industry, offering customers increased agility and responsiveness, all whilst maintaining its best-in-class customer experience. As such, with Montagu’s support, Intech is poised to push the boundaries of orthopedics and elevate the quality of medical devices and services offered to its clients.

“We are excited to partner with Laurent and his team in their mission to deliver unique solutions that improve patient outcomes worldwide. Intech represents a classic Montagu investment within an attractive market supported by long-lasting growth drivers.“ – Adrien Sassi, Director at Montagu.

About Intech

Founded in 2000, the Intech Group is proud to lead the way in the manufacturing of orthopedics instruments and implants, cases & trays and silicone handles. Powered by 900 Intechers across the United States, France and Malaysia, Intech is a premiere engineering powerhouse, capable of delivering manufacturing solutions anywhere, at any time.

About Montagu

Montagu is one of Europe’s leading private equity firms, specializing in finding and building businesses the world needs. With over 50 years’ experience of investing in private markets, Montagu’s investment strategy is focused on partnership with management in buyouts of high-quality companies that provide products and services that are must-have for their customers. We work with our companies to achieve their growth ambitions and unlock the value of their business. ESG is an integral part of our strategy, and our commitment to responsible investment is fully integrated into our investment and value-creation process. Montagu partners with companies with enterprise values between €200 million and €1 billion and has €9bn assets under management.

For additional information on Montagu, visit http://www.montagu.com

Intech & Coulot join forces

Intech & Coulot join forces to help orthopedic companies leverage the power of additive manufacturing

Combination of #1 Manufacturer of Surgical Instruments in Orthopedics with one the most innovative organizations in additive manufacturing will enable medical device companies to thrive.

Intech announced today that it has entered an exclusive agreement to acquire Coulot Decolletage, expanding the group’s expertise into the machining and additive manufacturing of high-precision medical implants for the Spine, Extremity, and Trauma segments of the Orthopedic market.

Coulot was founded in 1985 and has earned its reputation by producing highprecision medical implants and expanding their know-how into 3D-printing.

This milestone transaction marks the first acquisition in the wake of Montagu’s recent investment in Intech. It is designed to take Intech’s value proposition to the next level, while reinforcing the quality of services provided to Medical Device companies. The partnership with Coulot expands the Intech’s Group footprint into orthopedics implants and jump-starts the group’s journey into additive manufacturing.

“We are excited to become a part of Intech Group. Delivering best-in-class customer service and helping patients get taken care of is what we are about. It’s exciting that the partnership with Intech allows us to do what we do on a much larger scale.“

Bruno Coulot, General Manager of Coulot Decolletage

Coulot Decolletage underwent a series of major investments in recent years to develop state-of-the-art processes. The vertically integrated facility is setup to manufacture a wide array of implants from titanium nails, plates and screws to PEEK and 3D-printed cages

The newly consolidated group is expected to generate over $150M in revenue in FY 2021.

“Because of our shared passion for quality and customer service, we are thrilled to welcome Coulot as part of our family. This latest integration makes a lot of sense. It allows us to keep enhancing our relationship with our customers by providing them with a single-source solution, from 3D-printing of implants to kitting of instruments.“

Laurent Pruvost, President & CEO of Intech

For more information on this acquisition, call us.

About Coulot

A family enterprise founded in 1985 in Châtellerault, France. The customer-driven company has been supporting major Medical Device companies worldwide by manufacturing complex implants and medical prostheses for Spine, Extremity and Trauma. Coulot Décolletage innovates and
offers additive manufacturing services to support its customer’s your most audacious 3D printing designs. For additional information on Coulot, visit www.coulot-decolletage.com

About Intech

A global player in the orthopedics market, Intech delivers unique solutions that better patients’  lives around the world. Founded in 2000, the Group is proud to lead the way in the manufacturing of  surgical instruments and implants, cases & trays, and silicone handles. Powered by 900 Intechers  across the United States, France and Malaysia, Intech is a premiere engineering powerhouse, capable of delivering manufacturing solutions anywhere, at any time. For additional information on Intech, visit www.intech-medical.com

Intech enters partnership with Montagu to get to the next level

With great intentions come great ambitions. Intech announces new private-equity firm partner as majority shareholder to support its mission

Intech, the leader in manufacturing of orthopedic medical devices, is excited to share the news that Montagu has entered exclusive negotiations with Eurazeo to buy the company’s majority-stake, investing alongside the Intech management team. The transaction will bolster Intech Group’s momentum in the wake of strategic acquisitions and continued investment in its operations which will reinforce Intech’s position as a game-changing player in the industry.