2-in-1 Torque Limiting & Ratcheting

The world’s most precise ratcheting mechanism combined with torque limiting capabilities, an industry first

Prevents potential over-tightening

Reduces space required in instrument trays and reduces overall weight concerns in sets

Reduces surgeon fatigue by combining the unique 2-in-1 mechanism

The World's Most Precise Ratchet

Ergonomically superior grip

True zero-play adapters

Positive locking cap feature

Various adapter styles available

Stealth Series - Premier Two-Tone Handles

All handles can be molded to match any custom pantone (PMS) color

Add your corporate logo into any of our handles

Add your custom textures to most of our handles

Comfort Grip® Series

Available in various sizes & lengths, with or without impactor caps

Compatible with ratcheting and torque limiting mechanisms

Optional cannulation/impact caps

Cytotoxicity, Class VI Biocompatibility validations on hand

Incorporated custom colors and branding