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LDR Holding

To start, I am a big fan of In'Tech Medical's musical theme at the North American Spine Society Annual Meeting - As a musician, I have always had a strong connection with In'Tech and their instruments! But that connection simply reinforces the strong partnership which we have built over the years. At LDR, we see in In'Tech Medical a full service instrument shop and we know that we can trust them with all of our instrument manufacturing needs, from design to manufacturing to kitting. They are a quality brand of their own and we are proud to integrate them into our circle of close partners. (Don't stop Rocking!)

Christophe Lavigne | President - CEO

Spine Wave, Inc.

In'Tech Medical employs a very talented team with expertise in complex spine instrument manufacturing. Our MIS SniperĀ® Spine System set contains instruments with very complex features that only In'Tech Medical agreed to manufacture & assemble these instruments, but to also manage a successful product launch.

Richard Madar | Procurement Mgr.

Aurora Spine

In'Tech Medical has become a key partner for our spinal instrumentation at Aurora Spine. With their off-the-shelf design portfolio, they are able to respond to our fast growing needs. Their ability to combine creative designs with high quality manufacturing makes them our preferred one top-shop supplier for surgical tools. Furthermore, we are putting a lot of effort into the functionality and esthetic look of our instruments to provide us with every element needed to reach our goals!

Laszlo Garamszegi | Chief Technology Officer

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