We tech care of the environment...

…by carefully measuring our ecological footprint from energy and water consumptions to waste management.
We lead by example by investing in energy-efficient equipment to actively reduce our impact on the ecosystem, as well as recycling/re-purposing as much energy and by products derived from our production processes.
To further advance this cause, we partner with foundations such as Project Rescue Ocean, that raise awareness on pollution and its impact on the world’s oceans, reminding us the importance of protecting our rivers and shorelines.

We tech care of you...

…and ensure your well-being in your working environment by implementing more ergonomic workstations. We also look after all those around us, which is why every year we promote active lifestyle, taking part in sports and health-related events. We also generously donate to several charities, including the NuVasive Spine Foundation, which enables children from underprivileged backgrounds to have access to spinal surgery, thus giving everyone an equal chance in life.

We tech care of our sustainability...

…by evolving and growing with a common ethical group philosophy. Our future depends on the strategic choices we make today and the stance that we take individually. That is why we work every day to grow our organization with respect, loyalty, kindness and transparency. It is this mindset that made us who we are today and it is with this mindset that we will continue growing with partners that share the same vision for tomorrow.

“ At Intech we are devoted to fulfilling our corporate and social responsibilities as well as honoring our commitments in terms of sustainable development. Our intentions are pure because they are fully aligned with our core values. Our actions are strong because they are fundamental pillars of our brand vision: continuous improvement. What drives our every day growth? Our relentless energy and genuine care and respect for others and the environment. This is how we ensure tomorrow will always be a better day. ”

Laurent Pruvost

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