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    Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a transformative approach to industrial production that enables the creation of lighter, stronger parts and systems, delivering a perfect trifecta of improved performance, complex geometries and simplified fabrication.

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    How does 3D printing technology work?

    Using Computer Aided Design, 3D computer models of the required object are created. These are uploaded into the metal printer. Using the models as building instructions, the printer, adds a metal powder layer by layer, each time fusing the layer into solid metal a high-power laser. In this way, complete 3D objects or in our case products are constructed by the printer.

    Using DMP 350 Flex, DMLS, Titanium

    Why 3D Printing?

    Reduce Assembly Time

    Highly efficient, producing minimal waste ( Traditional, subtractive manufacturing = up to 90% waste )

    Fast Turnaround

    Create new 'impossible' geometries, complex features and fine details Turn designs into into products very quickly, ideal for rapid prototype development

    Reliable Quality

    Design up to 60% lighter products while still maintaining strength, delivering improved performance, complex geometries, and simplifying fabrications.


    Designed ideally for YOU

    Ideal for individual bespoke products, tailored for very specific situations i.e. medical implants



    We will support you in your most audacious 3D printing projects, from design to finished product..

    Supporting solutions and services, from redesign to proof of concept of the series, are proposed to you to launch the industrialization of your products in additive manufacturing.

    Supported by several experts in the field of additive manufacturing and medical, in’techers will be able to answer any of your questions and bring you all the expertise you need.