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3D Printing is Here!

Innovating and offering an additive manufacturing solutions

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a transformative approach to industrial production that enables the creation of lighter, stronger parts and systems, delivering a perfect trifecta of improved performance, complex geometries, and simplified fabrication.






Why 3D Printing?

Reduce Assembly Time

Highly efficient, producing minimal waste (Traditional, subtractive manufacturing = up to 90% waste

Reliable Quality

Design up to 60% lighter products

Fast Turnaround

Create new 'impossible' geometries, complex features and fine details Turn designs into products very quickly, ideal for rapid prototype development

Designed ideally for YOU

Ideal for individual bespoke products, tailored for very specific situations i.e., medical implants

Getting Started


Upload your file (*.step or *.sla)…Don't have a file? We can help (email to 3d-printing@intech-medical.com)



Quote prototype and production to frozen design )



Select material and finish



We’ll print your medical device using our validated and approved equipment



Design for manufacturability fine-tune design to optimize functionality and cost



Your devices will be shipped to your facility!


Dmp Flex 350

DMP Flex 350 is designed for flexible application use for R&D projects, application development or serial production. Yet it is easily scalable for volume part production. Quick swap build modules and fast powder recycling speed up production. A central server manages print jobs, materials, settings, and maintenance for 24/7 productivity.

Metal additive manufacturing software 3DXpert is the industry’s most powerful tool to prepare and optimize part data quickly, enabling rapid design for metal additive manufacturing to shorten production time and increase part precision.

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